4H5H MEDIA is an award-winning media, entertainment, content production, and strategic advisory company. Its team of creative professionals – with myriad experiences and multiple awards for mindful, knowledgeable work – consists of directors, producers, photographers, artists, writers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across the world. 4H5H MEDIA is prepared to take on the challenges of positive social impact through landmark independent projects in short and feature films, documentaries, TV and web-based streaming, creative artists and their platforms, and the international organizations working with them. This includes corporations, startups, and not-for-profits who are committed to compelling, challenging, and disruptive content forged in passionate new concepts.

4H5H MEDIA maintains a hopeful stance in its production of purpose-driven content, basing its vast knowledge and experience in staunch support of sustainability, environmental, and human issues facing our world today. Positive social impact is the pillar of the organization, propelling its global reach into revolutionary and disruptive subject matter. Immutable in its vision, 4H5H MEDIA is engaged in the current social narrative and will use its platform and voice for positive change.